Dongas for Mining Camps | Portable Dongers

Commonly known in the industry as Dongas, these transportable modular buildings are widely used within the mining, oil & gas, and building & construction industry. The traditional donga accommodation has long been replaced by its more spacious and better designed modular counterpart which can be grouped into a complex of buildings when connecting 2 or 3 “dongas” together to design 1 building.

Donga Floor Plans

donga, dongas for mining camps

Dongas like you've never seen before

Mining companies make a huge effort to keep workers comfortable and happy. Modular Villages' Dongas designs are of a high standard to ensure that your workers enjoy a quality lifestyle while they are far away from home.

Each room of our transportable modular buildings has its own air-conditioning system, ensuite bathroom, television, desk, wardrobe, chair, telephone and internet connection. (see pictures below)

Click here to download floor plans of our modular Donga range.

Our portable dongers are so versatile that they can also be converted into site offices or an even more spacious executive mining accommodation.

Modular Villages’ transportable dongas are manufactured with Australian Standard materials and are fully compliant to the Building Code of Australia (BCA). You can expect the highest quality standard in terms of  safety, design, comfort and energy saving while not paying more than other competitors in the same market. Click here for a more detailed comparison table.

Rooms like in a hotel.